Telescopic 16 x 16

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These telescopic umbrellas are designed to withstand wind gusts of up to 60 MPH making it ideal for particularly windy areas.

The awnings are designed and constructed with 100% dyed marine grade fabric acrylic fabric. Each fiber is color soaked all over to deliver a rich, deep, fade resistant color.

The fabric is woven which allows air to pass through, and does not trap heat and moisture. This design is a critical feature that eliminates mildew. As you would expect the shades are treated with a fluorocarbon finish making these water repellant and resistant.

The telescopic umbrellas are stain resistant and they are extremely easy to clean. Our customers love these awnings first because of our great prices, but ultimately because of the longevity and durability.

Another major feature that our customers love is the fact the all our shades are made from a marine grade fabric which provides superior protection from the sun with a 95% UV rating and carry’s the Skin Cancer Foundation’s Seal.