Nicamaka "Black-Out" Sleep Canopy KING SIZED

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Sensitive to light when you sleep? Blackout the world with the Nicamaka Blackout Sleep Canopy. It's an easy to install tent that drapes completely over your bed. The curtain fits over any size bed by hooks or bed posts. It comes in a variety of colors - black being the most opaque. Never worry about the sunlight waking you up again!

When fully enclosed, the Nicamaka Blackout Canopy creates an ideal sleep environment. Roommate staying up late studying? Have a guest over? Want some privacy? Work the night shift and want to sleep like it is night? This is perfect for all situations. Simple to install and even easier to use. Why let light interrupt a good night's sleep?

76''W x 84''L x 96''H - King Size

41" W x 80" L x 93" H - Twin Size

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