Neo 5 x 5 Aluminum Canopy

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The Neo 5' x 5' Easy UP canopy is exactly what you need if you are in the market for an easy up canopy/gazebo. Neo Canopies are a state of the art, easy up, easy down canopy that incorporates all of the modern technology of the Strong 'x' shaped trusses are built into the 'Neo Frame' reinforced aluminum frame (see photo)that hold their shape and do not bend or rust. These frames are stronger than anything on the market and can take a beating.

The 'Neo Top' easily attaches to the frame and the extremely durable 600 Denier fabric is treated to resist fire, rot, mildew, water, and ultraviolet rays. The 600 Denier is the strongest fabric on the market! Most other brands use 250 or 500 Denier, but Neo uses the stronger 600 so it is more durable, lasts longer and simply is better.

Prices are unbelievable for the product. You will not believe your eyes.

Custom printing and quantity discounts are available. Please call 866-377-1224 for details.