Mombasa® Majesty - Four Point Bed Canopy Mosquito Net - Beauty and Protection

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The functional Mombaso Majesty Bed Canopy/Mosquito Net features billowy, overlapping, sheer, 100% polyester net panels sewn together to eliminate side openings. This mosquito netting, available in a variety of beautiful colors, lends a decorative flair along with vital flying insect protection that will fit over a King-sized bed or inside a four-poster frame. The Mombaso Majesty is ideal for use wherever mosquitoes pose a threat and is easily installed with 4 point ceiling suspension.
Mombasa® Colors

Mombasa® Colors
When choosing a color, keep in mind that the amount of material in a canopy emphasizes the color effect, with White being the most opaque, black the most transparent.

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