Mombasa® "Majesty" • Four-Point Bed Canopy / Mosquito Net

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The functional "Majesty" bed canopy/mosquito net has billowy, overlapping, sheer 100% polyester net panels sewn together to eliminate side openings. This mosquito netting is fully functional and ideal for indoor bedrooms. The "Majesty" Functional hangs from four points in the ceiling and will fit over a King-size mattress or inside a four-poster bed frame. The "Majesty" Functional is ideal for use where mosquitoes pose a threat. Protects you and your loved ones when functional protection is vital! Mombasa® Color Swatches The "Majesty" includes corner tabs for attaching to the provided ceiling hooks. The "Majesty" Bed Canopy is preferred for Kingsize and Queensize beds and not usually hung over hammocks. 76''W x 84''L x 96''H For canopy beds with cross-rails, we suggest Mombasa's Sheer Drape pairs which attatch directly to the rails with satin ties.
Mombasa® Color Swatches

Mombasa® Color
These swatches show the colors available from Mombasa®. When considering color, consider there is a lot of material in a canopy which emphasizes color effect. White is the most opaque, black the most see-through.

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