"Mombacho Chair" - BURGUNDY Sprang-Woven Seat - Hammock Chair

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The Nicamaka® "Mombacho" Hammock Chair is uniquely designed to allow its occupant a full head to toe stretch!

The support cords pass - harp like - through the 43" wide turned wood brace-bar, allowing weight transfer in a unique and pleasing manner while also enjoying more shoulder space. And the sprang-woven hammock seat, made with care of garment-grade, polyester or polycotton factory-dyed yarns, provides the utmost in comfortable seating.

Hanging chairs can free up floor space, help eliminate clutter, and allow seating in nooks and corners where conventional chairs just won't fit. And what could be more relaxing than to be suspended in the air while enjoying music, conversation, or your favorite book?

Maximum recommended weight is 250 Pounds. (If children will use these chairs, we recommend a swivel hanging kit to avoid over-rotation which can break the support system).


Simplify installation and maximize hammock chair comfort and performance with the right HAMMOCK CHAIR INSTALL KIT:

• Basic Chair Install Kit – Wood Structure 3/8" lags-screw-eyebolt, chain and connector.

• Basic Chair Install Kit - Concrete Structure 3/8" machine-thread eyebolt, chain and connector.

• Deluxe Spring/Swivel Chair Install Kit - lag-screw-swivel, spring, chain and connectors.