"Granada 34 Chair" - ROYAL-BLUE Sprang-Woven Seat - Hammock Chair

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Nicamaka® novel, elegant and practical hammock chair with a SPRANG-WOVEN Seat. The graceful arched support frame has an old-world charm and its inward curved seat attach points create a cozy, space-saving chair system for nooks and corners.

The convenient attach points on the support arch provide easy seat removal & change. The sprang-woven seat hangs vertically when not occupied it offers a small target area for outdoor detritus.

Simplify installation and maximize chair comfort and performance with Chair Install Kits: • Basic Chair Install Kit - Wood Structure is $9.00; 3/8" lags-screw-eyebolt, chain and connector. • Basic Chair Install Kit - Concrete Structure is $13.00; 3/8" machine-thread eyebolt, chain and connector. • Deluxe Spring/Swivel Chair Install Kit - Wood Structure is $28.00; lag-screw-swivel, spring, chain and connectors