"Granada-34" Replacement Sprang-Weave Seat By Nicamaka® - Hammock Chair

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These sprang-woven seats are designed for use with support frames such as the Granada-34 wrought-steel arch, for use as a stand-alone swing, hung with chains or ropes.
When hung directly from walls, the G-34 Seat is a great pet, toy or decor piece. If used with direct supports the chair would swing front-to-back but without the rotation possible if hung from a support frame.
Nicamaka® sprang-weave hammock products start with factory-dyed, high-quality imported yarns that Nicaraguan artisans twist into cords and sprang-weave the cords into transverse-stretch hammock products.

For stand-alone use with your own support chains or ropes, we suggest separating the overhead attach points by 60" under a standard 8' ceiling. Only attach to solid structure. Hung from walls in a corner they are great for dolls and toys.