Frikon Pop Up 6 x 6 x 6 Screen & Shade - Mosquito Net Tent Room

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The Frikon® 6' x 6'x 6' Pop-Up Screen/Shade Room is great at the beach, dock, backyard - anywhere pop up insect and sun protection is needed.

Large enough to accommodate several standing adults, it quickly unfolds, butterfly-like, allowing for quick set up anywhere.

*Dark green parachute-cloth top provide shade.

*Fully zippered door allows easy entry and exit.

*Corner tabs attach to guy lines and ground stakes in case of windy conditions.

*The spring-steel frame folds up in six easy steps.

*Floorless - allowing for use on most any terrain

The Pop Up Screen room includes a 30" Diameter, 2.5" thick carrying case. Case, screening and trim is dark green.