Nicamaka 12' Umbrella Screen Enclosure Mosquito Net

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The 12' Umbrella Screen Enclosure/Mosquito Net is the largest umbrella mosquito net on the market. Ideal for your patio or market umbrella, the 12' Umbrella Mosquito net helps keep your outdoor time free from the danger and bother of flying insects, and the black netting does not restrict your view.

The ultra fine, 229 holes per-square-inch mesh umbrella mosquito netting encloses up to a 12' diameter umbrella and has a full-length, zippered door for easy entrance and exit.

Can be set up and taken down in minutes.

The perimeter of the umbrella mosquito net is weighted down with a fillable sand sleeve to keep the netting stable in windy conditions. Can be suspended from a ceiling or tree branch with cords.

This Umbrella Net is top of the line in umbrella mosquito netting, its strength and durability allowing for years of use.

This umbrella net makes a great gift for someone who has a large outdoor umbrella and a mosquito problem.

Net specifications: • Fits umbrellas up to 12' feet in diameter • Mesh: 229 holes per sq. inch •