Manila Travelers No-See-Um 4 Point Mosquito Net Bed Canopy - Our Largest No See Um Net

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The Manila Travelers No-See-Um 4 Point Bed Canopy Mosquito Net is a must for anyone who needs the ultimate in flying insect protection for a king or queen sized bed. This is the largest No-See-Um mosquito net on the market with 520 holes per square inch. The netting is so fine that even the smallest of creatures cannot penetrate. Nothing gets in!

The large overlapping sides offer protection and beauty to any bedroom. Made from 100% polyester mesh netting, this netting offers and easy 4 point install, and is easy to take down and pack up in the zippered carrying case included.

What are No-See-Ums? These insects are prevalent in marshy mangrove and many other areas. They emerge at dusk by the tens of thousands and are ferocious and persistent biters.

Now also offered in the White Functional with no side openings for even greater protection!

Fits King and Queen Sized Beds

Measures 76"W x 84"L x 96"H

Buy 4 and get free shipping - Call 866-377-1224 for details

Made in China.