Why Are Mosquitoes so Attracted to You?

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Why Are Mosquitoes so Attracted to You?

Summer is a great time for being outdoors. What’s not so great? The increased chance of being bitten by a mosquito. Have you ever wondered why it is they choose you over a person who may happen to be standing or sitting next to you? Some research from the University of Washington presents some interesting findings on how mosquitoes zero in on a target.

Most people know that female mosquito are the ones that do the biting as they require blood to produce eggs. When she detects the scent of carbon dioxide, the brain will switch into a hunter mode of sorts, heightening the mosquito’s senses of smell and vision. Its wings will also begin to flap at a more rapid pace. Furthermore, the mosquito will have more of an attraction to dark colors, albeit to a lesser degree than when it smells carbon dioxide. Hence, you may wish to refrain from wearing dark clothes, at least during the summer.

Besides carbon dioxide and sweat, mosquitoes can detect the heat and humidity that may be coming off of our bodies due to sweat. Hence, if you’re wearing dark clothes and sweating profusely, you may unintentionally be setting yourself up as a better mosquito bite candidate.

Always use repellent and don’t forget to bring a mosquito net if you’ll be spending lots of time outdoors.

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