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Stay Safe, Relax on a Hammock

As people are being encouraged to stay home, you may be thinking about remaining indoors. While this is certainly the best way to practice social distancing and protect your health, you may find the need to breathe some fresh air.

Should you have a yard, definitely spend some time there but do it on your own or only the immediate members of your household (i.e.: your family). The natural ambiance can help with easing stress and anxiety you may be feeling with the onslaught of news. Prop up a hammock, make sure it’s been cleaned, and then relax. If you do decide to venture out in your neighborhood for some exercise or for necessary tasks such as to walk your dog, for example, refrain from getting too close to your neighbors. You may also wish to consider going out during a time when there may not be many people around.

Remember: Do not go out unless you have to. A hammock in your own private yard is a much safer bet than being around others in your neighborhood. You can choose a regular hammock to lay in or a hammock chair where you can get comfortable while still sitting up.

Stay safe!

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