Research Reinforces the Benefits of Being Outdoors

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Research Reinforces the Benefits of Being Outdoors

Science has recently confirmed what most of us already knew: a little time with Mother Nature can do wonders for your health.

Ongoing research suggests that spending some time lounging by the lake or going to a park can cut down stress levels, reduce blood pressure, and even lessen the risk of cardiovascular diseases, allergies, diabetes, or asthma. Furthermore, some time spent outdoors can give your mental health a boost and even improve life expectancy.

While all of this sounds great, many of us lead incredibly busy lives, which means there may be only a small window to get some fresh air. So, how long should you be outdoors to reap all of these wonderful benefits courtesy of Mother Nature? According to recent research published in the journal Scientific Reports, as little as 120 minutes a week, that’s about two hours. Interestingly, spending more time than that outdoors didn’t result in additional health benefits.

It doesn’t matter where you live or where you choose to go. Simply spending two hours outdoors was shown to have positive effects. Should you wish to read more about the research, check out the following link:

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