Mosquitoes and Their Flower Fascination

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Mosquitoes and Their Flower Fascination

Few people are fond of mosquitoes but it’s always worth expanding your knowledge to learn more about these pesky critters, even if we would rather they not be aware near our bodies. Most of us know female mosquitoes are the ones that do the biting. Males, on the other hand, rely entirely on nectar as their food source. Females also feed on the nectar, albeit perhaps not as much as males since they’re also fond of humans.

Despite all of this, there is still little information available as to what draws mosquitoes toward a particular flower while being not so fond of others. As research continues, it may be helpful in developing repellents that are more effective and potentially less toxic.

An article published on the University of Washington website provides deeper insight into the workings of mosquitoes and their relationship with flowers. For example, certain cues from flowers can trigger their brains much like those of a human or animal with warm blood. The article is extensive and provides extensive information if you’re curious to learn more.

Until science develops an option that works better than DEET-enhanced mosquito repellent, take the appropriate actions to protect yourself from mosquitoes and be sure to bring along a mosquito net to your next outdoor event.

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