Enjoying the Summer with Your Pooch

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Enjoying the Summer with Your Pooch

With many areas experiencing record summer temperatures, it’s important that we take care of ourselves but also think about other important members of the family. That’s right, pets are susceptible to the effects of the summer heat too.

If you’ll be staying a day outside with your pooch, make sure there is shade for them to take a load off and plenty of water for them to drink. Dogs with short noses like pugs or boxers are particularly susceptible to the stress caused by heat, and so are dogs that have long hair like Shih Tzus.

Speaking of heat stress, there are signs you can watch out for. If your dog is excessively panting and seems to be in distress, it is a good idea to move them to a cooler area and give them cool water to drink, making sure not to use ice water. Gently wet their paw pads, behind their ears, belly, and around their neck. If the pet continues to appear lethargic, take them to a vet.

We all know that on toasty summer days, asphalt can become especially hot. If you can’t walk on the asphalt with your bare feet because it’s too hot, it’s probably too hot for your dog’s paws. Consider changing your walking to the early morning hours or at dusk when the sun isn’t at “full blast”.

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