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Enjoy Summer Outdoors Safely

With summer soon to arrive, you may find yourself with more time on your hands, especially if you have children whose time was taken up having to learn remotely. If you’re seeking ways to enjoy the season safely, consider the following.

Have a picnic. Traditional picnics involve everyone sitting on a blanket and enjoying each other’s company. There is a simple way you can reinvent this. Instead of bringing a single blanket, have all the participants bring their own supplies and blankets. You can social distance while still enjoying the outdoors and each other’s company.

Bust out the firepit. If you happen to own a firepit and perhaps a projector, you can easily make an outdoor movie night with friends. All you need to do is set the chairs at least six feet apart and use a sheet for the projector.

Go hammocking. There are likely countless spots where you can set up a hammock and enjoy a leisurely experience. Grab your book or tablet, bring some music if you like, and maybe even take a nap! Better yet, have a friend or family set up a hammock six feet away from you and enjoy the experience together.

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