Easy Ways to Relieve Stress

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Easy Ways to Relieve Stress

These days, it seems like everyone is living life in the fast lane. If the combination of work, life, or school is causing you stress, maybe it’s time to de-stress and give yourself time to relax. How can you do that in between all of these responsibilities? The website Prevention has a couple of suggestions, which are backed by science.

This one is easy: exercise. Besides helping the muscles, a workout will boost the endorphins. Plus, if you can bring along a friend, the experience is that much better.

Do you have a park near you? A quick stroll of about fifteen minutes can help with lowering fatigue and stress. If you have the time, bring a hammock along and take a breather in the outdoors. Being in the middle of Mother Nature can do wonders.

Here’s another easy one: laugh. Whether it’s watching a comedy bit, laughing with your friends and loved ones, laughter truly is great medicine. The body relaxes, endorphins are increased, and the cortisol levels (the hormone that induces stress) are reduced.

This one might take some work but can also help: become less attached to your phone. Instead of checking Instagram and Facebook every few minutes. Make it a point to “unplug” for at least ten minutes twice a day.

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