Choosing Your Fall Season Hammock

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Choosing Your Fall Season Hammock

Now that the fall is here, you may be planning to spend some more time outdoors once the temperatures start to cool down. After a tough day, relaxing in a hammock or a hammock chair is one way to unwind and ease the stresses of the day. We have numerous hammocks, hammock chairs, plus stands and accessories to choose from.

We feature a selection of products made right here in the United States as well as around the world. Our specialty remains sprang-woven Nicamaka hammocks, each of which is made by hand by highly skilled artisans using imported yarns. These individuals have received their training through multiple generations of experience and expertise in producing the finest quality hammocks.

Our hammocks also include Colombian Crossweave hammocks, Caribe made Mayan hammocks coming from the Yucatan of Mexico, Chenille Crossweave hammocks from China, camping hammocks by Nicamaka, and spreader-bar Hammocks by Hatteras and other names.

Hammock spreader bars allow the surface of where a person lays to stay taut, which prevents the common hammock tendency to “close in” on a person. They maintain particular popularity among avid sunbathers as the fabric prevents a shadow appearing on the skin. Hammocks that don’t use spreader bars stay open and conform to the person’s body, resulting in a very cozy feeling which often lulls people to sleep.

Which hammock is right for the fall season? Check out our website to see all of our products.

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